I have answered this question in one of my blog articles at Who are entrepreneurs answered with defining major characteristics , I will briefly answer few highlights in this post. Entrepreneurs take initiative, they take responsibilities for their action and willing and must face the consequences of their action.

They must take risks so that their ventures succeed in the face of a possibility of failure. The odds are improved in their favor because of their hard work, visionary leadership and persevered efforts.

It may surprise you but even corporate managers, NGO officials and even self employed service providers can be called as entrepreneurs as long as they meet the criterions necessary to have a entrepreneurial mindset.

Please read the article on my blog and comment on it to take part in the discussion and let me know your views.

Life and Living

Life and Living


Mr. Mohanty was at uneasy with himself while he was taking an evening walk through the quiet park. The morning conversation he had with his lone visitor kept coming back to his mind again and again. The visitor was rough and violent …

Tarun Patnaik

I am a b-tech 1993 and currently business consultant and edu-preneur working in my own start-ups

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